Trey was born on June 24, 2011 and was diagnosed with ALCAPA, a very rare congenital heart defect, on September 12, 2011. This is the story of our journey.
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trey's 1st Birthday

Trey is officially 1 year old today!  So hard to believe that my youngest (and last!) child is now ONE!

1 year ago today, on a Friday, I gave birth to a "healthy" 7 lb 8.6 oz, 19 3/4 inch baby boy at 9:10 pm.  

The boys were so excited to have a little brother.  Especially Bryce... he waited at the hospital for a long time so that he could finally meet his youngest brother.  He couldn't wait to see what color his hair was!  We determined that he would probably be a red head like him but it was difficult to figure out since there was very little hair!

We went home on Sunday with our healthy baby boy.  Little did we know what the next year would have in store for us!

1 year later we celebrate his birth.  While this day is a big deal... I think his surgery date might be more significant for me.  Today is the day he was born but September 14th is the day he was saved!  We celebrated today with family.... both sets of grandparents, his aunts & uncles, his brothers and us.  We had dinner and dessert on the deck.  The weather was gorgeous and we had a great celebration!

Trey didn't quite know what to think of the candle.  We had to hold his hands down because he wouldn't stop reaching out for it.  I think the entire thing just confused him!  I don't know why we did it though because it's not like he even knew to blow it out.  Really, we just did it for a picture I guess but then of course we had to restrain him so it's not like the picture turned out that great anyhow!

He really didn't know what to do with the cupcake at first either.  It took him awhile to figure out he could put it in his mouth rather than just play around with it.  Surprisingly he puts everything else into his mouth before playing with it though!

He finally figured out that it could go in his mouth and it tasted good!  Aunt Kari (David's sister) made the cupcakes because I cannot make cupcakes for the life of me.  I have no idea what I do wrong but every single batch I have ever made end up sticking to the liners... and I've tried every kind of liner out there!  So many thanks to my sister in law for making the cupcakes!  Trey is still on his soy formula and we are unsure if he can have dairy but I made an exception for his birthday.  He didn't seem to have any reaction to it so hey, hopefully the transition to milk in the near future will be an easy one!

Bryce and Cole had a blast opening Trey's gifts for him.  Trey had no desire to do that for himself.  He was way more interested in eating the wrapping paper.

I am just so incredibly thrilled that my baby boy was here to spend his 1st birthday with us!  I look back and this year has been unbelievable.  He has gone through SO much this year.  It's amazing that his little heart is on the mend though and that we will be able to put a lot of this behind us pretty soon!  He will always have the scar on his chest and will have to go to the cardiologist annually but his heart is on its way to full recovery!  God is absolutely amazing.

My boy is amazing.  Every little thing he does amazes me and I am so glad that he can continue to do so.  I pray that he has a joyful future ahead of him filled with happiness and excitement.  I pray that he grows up and is able to do whatever he puts his mind to.  I have so many hopes for this little boy.... but right now I am extremely content to just watch him play with his new toys!!

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  1. he is just so cute, and it makes me so happy how well he is doing! :-) happy birthday!