Trey was born on June 24, 2011 and was diagnosed with ALCAPA, a very rare congenital heart defect, on September 12, 2011. This is the story of our journey.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today I feel like Superwoman!

This week I've really been trying to be more motivated in getting things done in the house.  At the end of last week I did a total overhaul (well not total... but pretty big) of upstairs.  I just put everything away and cleaned everything off.  I just couldn't live with seeing "stuff" everywhere!  This week I've been able to keep it up pretty well and tomorrow I'll be able to dust/vacuum/straighten up pretty easily!  I've stayed on top of laundry pretty well and the only mountain we have is dark wash, which I plan on getting done in small loads (our dark wash is a daunting task since I'm pretty specific on how it needs to be dried for only 10 minutes and then hung up a certain way... plus, certain pants and shirts have to be stretched before they can be hung up so that they don't turn into capris or elbow length items... I'm tall).

Today (yesterday too) I just feel as though we lived a pretty full life AND the house isn't a total disaster.  I stayed relatively sane and organized.  I'm pretty sure it also has to do with the weather too though.  The weather here has been gorgeous.  Sunny and upper 60's.  We spent time outside and took walks. It was nice.

I have to admit though... most days I don't feel like a super anything.  I struggle with getting things done.  I have a hard time functioning when things clutter up the floor and the counter tops - which they usually do.  I have my up days and down days (as well as up and down in a single day as well!).  But today I feel great.  I feel accomplished.  

Another reason for feeling good is that I've slowed down my "projects."  I take on way too many projects.  I stay up way late (anywhere from 1 to 3 am) trying to get things done.  Instead now, I'm getting more sleep on a regular basis.  I've been limiting myself to straightening up, watching a TV show before bed and then going to sleep!  I'm not getting on the computer to get something done.  I haven't started figuring out when teacher appreciation day is and getting letters written to Bryce's classmates to do a small gift.  I haven't done the MOPS newsletter that I so would love to get created.  I haven't sat in front of the computer wondering when I'm going to get my next scrapbook page done.  PLUS - I'm OK with that all right now (so not like me!).

(Sidenote:  speaking of projects though, I did do one small project last Friday night.  I made those capes the boys are donning in the picture above.  Cole was invited to a superhero birthday party and instead of buying him an expensive costume to wear that I know he'd ruin I made him his very own felt non-sew superhero cape.  I even ended up having enough felt left over to make Bryce one as well!)

God is definitely whispering in my ear.  He's telling me to slow down.  By slowing down he's been giving me the energy I've been praying for to get the house somewhat put back together to how I need it to be (um, well, next weekend we focus on dusting downstairs!).  He's given me the energy to take the 2 little ones to the grocery store (our free delivery from Peapod has run out).  He's given me the energy to not drag in the morning and enjoy Trey's new little sounds.  God definitely amazes me.  I prayed and prayed last week for the energy to be the mom I want to be.  

There's still a huge way to go... we have a lot of home projects that need to be tackled this spring and we've put off for a few years now.  It will be harder to get them done with 3 kids instead of 2... but I trust He will inspire me to get it done.  We now have 3 little blessings and I want to be able to have a backyard (as opposed to the swamp it is now) to do things in with them.  

No, I understand this post isn't much about Trey - who is doing great by the way!  It is however, part of my journey with Trey (and my other boys).  Not only am I learning how to live life with 3 very boisterous boys but I'm having to learn how to live without worrying about Trey's health all the time.  He's eating well, he's coming off his heart meds, he's off the feeding tube... he's doing fantastic!  However, every small strange sound or movement he makes could be a sign of something... but I'm re-teaching myself that babies are also just babies.  They sometimes make odd sounds.  They sometimes spit up for no apparent reason.  My personal journey to fixing Trey's heart is to learn how to live with it instead of in fear of it.  This part is a bit hard - but I'm definitely getting there.  I don't feel as though I have to shelter him from everything.  I've been taking him out and we've been living our life as a family again.  Things are moving on... all thanks to God.  He has helped us through this journey and he will continue to be with us as a family.  

Today I feel like Superwoman.... walking side by side with my Super God.